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Caspian Entrepreneurship Center of the Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering

Finalist of the Innovation and Collaboration Space of the Year Award

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Entrepreneurial initiatives are still in the early stages of development in the Mangystau region and also, international in the Caspian Sea region, mainly because of the historical and political heritage of the country/region. In order to develop entrepreneurial competence among the youth of the Caspian region we have CREATED the Caspian entrepreneurship centre (CEC) in Mangystau region The Caspian entrepreneurship centre is the only centre in the region that provides entrepreneurial education in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) and works 24/7. This means our participants, students can come and work on the project at any time, we also want to note that the door of our centre is always open not only for our students but also for all youth of the Caspian region. Another uniqueness of our centre is that we provide all services for everyone free of charge. Our main strategic objective is “to become a regional centre of entrepreneurship excellence” and for achieving this objective we have developed yearly action plans with appropriate budget allocation. As a visible result of our first-year efforts is the creation of the Caspian Entrepreneurship Centre1 – a successful initiative that seems to get growing attention from young entrepreneurs. For only one year our center trained more than 200 youth of the region also more than 100 teachers and supported many social, business projects. How CEC will create value? Intellectual – CEC definitely will contribute to the intellectual capital of the region. Individual entrepreneurs have enlarged their own dreams and initiate to express their creativity and innovation that have helped their businesses so CEC participants will benefit from the ideas of their peers and coaches. Social – CEC create new networks among entrepreneurs, setup fruitful links between entrepreneurs and coaches aiming at creativity development and bringing ideas to the market Individual – CEC will help individual entrepreneurs, coaches, recruiters, and service providers to develop new skills, and to make the most of them.

Key People

Prof. Berik Akhmetov
Rector of Yessenov University
Yessenov University

Dr. Ermek Nurmaganbet
Science and Internationalization,  Yessenov University

Dr. Gulzhazira Kosmaganbetova
Coordinator of Caspian Entrepreneurship Center
Science and Entrepreneurship,  Yessenov University


Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center

Caspian Entrepreneurship Center


Impacting lifes

I can say that our center has positively influenced many people and I want to say one of them, this year we organized for the first time the Republican contest of startup projects «Young Enterprise 2019» among students of schools and colleges of Kazakhstan aged 14-25 years. As part of the competition, we conducted training and master classes in all colleges and schools in the region. As a result, more than 200 young people applied for the competition. After submitting the application, all participants completed a business course jointly organized with the national chamber of entrepreneurs «Atameken». After the course, participants defended their developed projects. According to the results of the final competition, the Main prize of the competition was 50 grants and a discount on admission to the University. Now they thanks to their best innovative projects 4 years of study at the University for free also develop projects with our Entrepreneurship center. Recently, in October, the State held a competition and our 5 projects won a huge amount of funding for their projects and started their startup businesses that receive income.


Lessons learned

In our region, the entrepreneurial culture is only developing. Despite this, our center is actively working with the youth of our region. I can say that the problem in our region, young people are mostly afraid to open their own businesses, although they have great ideas. Because basically the parents of our young people were not engaged in their own Affairs and worked in production, in education, in the public sector, respectively, the youth only appears entrepreneurial thinking. Here I think for development of business culture among youth it is necessary to work individually with each person, they need mentoring support from a stage of ideas to commercialization and further to formation. When the mentor is accompanied, give advice, the direction they feel more confident, our mentors are entrepreneurs themselves, they take projects and practical shows the guys the principle of the business. When they do something with their hands, see with their eyes, produce something and get income from it then they can learn, and they become motivated. We think that when a person is confident in himself he will overcome all barriers and be a leader.

You do not lead, pointing and telling people where to go. You lead by going to this place and doing business.

Ken Kesey

Teaching using force and command is obsolete. This is a generation of producers of future leaders walking hand in hand. Do not waste hours trying to convince people. Instead, demonstrate the benefits of a particular solution with your own actions. You cannot expect others to do what you would not do.


What's coming?

So we are very happy to announce our plan:

1. Award Ceremony for Young People (Caspian Young Enterprise Development project age group 14 to 20-year-old only).
a. Application deadline: February, 2020
b. General Presentation: 10 March ,2020 (by own school and college)
c. Semi-final: 15th April, 2020 (Yessenov University) d. Final 17th May, 2020

2. Motivation startup dialogue training, February, 2020

3. Caspian Village Entrepreneur seminar 20 -21 April, 2020

4. ICT training for Women and Youth entrepreneurs, May, 2020

5. Young enterprise workshop and training

6. CEC Magazine (24 pages) for Summit, 2020 (we will involve local business for ad and sponsoring)

7. Caspian International Entrepreneurs Summit 17 and 18 May, 2020.

8. ICT training for mature Entrepreneurs-April

9. Mini class -marketing – April

10. Mini class - brand development – May

11. Workshop for women entrepreneurs and empowerment – June

12. Mentoring training for local business- July

13. Summer business school, July 13. Seminar for e-business – August

14. Coaching and mentoring for Caspian Young Enterprise


15th March, 19

Сaspian Entrepreneurship Center opening day

280 m2

Inspirational and innovation space

1,3000 $

Won financial grants and investments for one year

200 +

Participating youth of the region

100 +

Business ideas


Business events


Startup project


Local mentors


Foreign mentors of international level


Partner organization and company

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