promoting greater impacts by universities

Why we started the Awards

One central aspect of promoting entrepreneurial and engaged universities is the celebration of achievements, both on an individual and organisational level. Looking around the world, we recognised that institutional-level awards for entrepreneurship and engagement exist in very few countries. For example, for many years the Times Higher Education Awards feature an „Entrepreneurial University of the Year“ Award (today called „Outstanding Entrepreneurial University“). A similar award exists in Malaysia. However, in most countries and regions around the world, no celebration of third mission excellence exists. Especially on an institutional level, we recognise a lack of recognition. With the Triple E Awards we aim to change this!

Our idea is simple, but powerful. By joining forces with regional partners, we will promote university entrepreneurship and engagement around the world, finally giving universities the recognition they deserve for the excellent work they are doing.


The Triple E Awards acknowledge regional differences regarding the development of the third mission of universities, specially in terms of entrepreneurship and engagement. Therefore, the Awards are not global, but implemented in different regions around the world.


Aiming to capture a wide variety of entrepreneurship and engagement aspects in higher education, the Triple E Awards allow individuals and institutions to submit entries in a broad range of categories.

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