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Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (iNT)

Finalist of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support of the Year Award

"Power of Mahidol Innovation"

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The Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (iNT), Mahidol University has an
important mission to become a leader in building the university’s innovation ecosystem. Mahidol
University is ranked No. 1 in Thailand by SCIMAGO Institutions Ranking for Innovation from Intellectual
Property (IP). It is highlighted that iNT acts as the comprehensive platform for researchers, students,
and staff to facilitate every step of technology and innovation development such as collaborative
research, IP protection, IP valuation, prototype development, entrepreneurial education, and startup
promotion, per se called “Non-Stop University Innovation”.
With over 36 schools and colleges, including medicine, engineering, health sciences,
information technology, and business, etc., we support 40,000 students (both undergraduates and
graduates) and 4,000 faculties to make their creativity valuable. We encourage and facilitate open
innovation to collaborate with industry and private sectors. Last year, 55 workshops and 384
university-industry collaborative projects were successfully carried out through our institute. Many
domestic and international partners have essentially strengthened our innovation activities. We as
well support and share with other growing universities for the best we can do to promote
entrepreneurship in society.
We believe in the power of people. The university should be a catalyst to match researchers
and students with their missing pieces in the innovation journey. iNT has focused on connecting great
people and always believes that teamwork is the key element for successful innovation. This is all in
all the goal of our team to make the “Power of Mahidol Innovation”.

Key People

Dr. Soranit Siltharm
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation

Prof. Banchong Mahaisavariya
Mahidol University

Prof. Wachira Kochakarn
Vice President for Research and Scientific Affairs
Mahidol University


Mahidol University Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Thailand) National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (Thailand) National Innovation Agency (Thailand) True Corporation PCL (Major communication company, Thailand) World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, Switzerland) Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM, USA) Deep appreciation to all our domestic and international partners


MaSHARES Co-Working Space, Location 1

Entrepreneurial ecosystem workshop at MaSHARES Co-Working Space

Members of Mahidol Startup club

PreSEED Fund

Laser Cutter@MaSHARES Co-Working and Co-Making Space, Location 2

3D Printing workshop at MaSHARES Co-Working Space, Location 2

Agile workshop at MaSHARES Co-Working Space, Location 2

IP's walk in consultation at iNT office

On-site coaching for Entrepreneurial Ecosystem support mission

After finishing antibody licensing negotiation, ( in-meeting photo is classified)


Impacting lifes

iNT’s taskforces in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem mainly include utilizing technology and promoting entrepreneurship among faculties, researchers, students, and staff at Mahidol University. iNT actively facilitates academic research into practical innovation that can contribute to the social impact and benefit of mankind. With 2 medical schools, 7 allied health schools, and 7 hospitals under one roof of the university, we are mainly focused on health care innovation. For example, the development of Dengue Vaccine and Antibody requires not only expertise but also extensive efforts to prevent this detrimentally tropical disease. The products are licensed to international companies. Our students from Mahidol Startup Club have recently won the first prize from the International Maker Festival from the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan for the application to help children with attention deficit disorder.

These innovative achievements create impacts on human and society eventually brings about pride to researchers and our team as stated in Mahidol University’s philosophy, “True success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind.” Also, the revenue from licensed technologies is returned to researchers and the university to create even more valuable researches. iNT incubates researchers through business-related workshops to encourage researchers to produce research that can solve pain points or respond to needs in the market. Our workshops are in high demand and often fully booked, reflecting our customer-based policy. These, as a result, will ensure the worthwhile of research’s innovation and entrepreneurship.


Lessons learned

Of course, not everything we do is right. To lead innovation and entrepreneurship in university in Thailand is a real challenge. The lessons learned are part of our quality management and we do have designated agenda to revise and monitor our performance as after-action review (AAR).

For example, iNT has provided a series of entrepreneurial workshops. In the beginning, very few people were interested to join and thus slowing down our university taskforce. With AAR, we need to revise how we publicise these events. We then hosted and partnered with students’ initiated Mahidol Startup Club to gain wide access to students. It turned out that the publicity and attractiveness of our events reach more targets. Lately, most of our workshops are fully registered in advance and more people are on waiting lists. We realised that students are great partners to promote entrepreneurship in university. This, in turn, creates a great impact of the young generation.

In 2019, iNT organised the first university’s Research and Innovation Special Exhibition, called Mahidol R-I-SE now. Unexpectedly, our faculties and students were deeply satisfied that they were able to share ideas and prototypes with society. Not only gained pride as innovators, they also had opportunities to engage with industry and related businesses. This is the great milestone to promote entrepreneurship in university. iNT has learned that, to think “outside-the-box”, it is more efficient to integrate knowledge along with potential customers and let it be fulfilled by “a natural process”.


What's coming?

With the global trend of the industrial revolution, we admit that the university is quite behind to run at the same pace. This is because its main mission is always focused on research and education. Entrepreneurship is not well understood among academic staff. Mahidol University’s Executives have realized that innovation and entrepreneurship are very influential to bring power of knowledge for the improvement of society and to meet with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is why our institute, iNT, has been established as a key structure of Mahidol University. Started with a minimal engagement in entrepreneurship among faculties and students, iNT is now recognised as a signature of Mahidol’s entrepreneur-driven organisation.

iNT is more than ready to move on. With full support from the university, we put our heart in the 3-layer partner strategy. Firstly, “Internal Partnership” will emphasize on encouragement and trust among faculties and students of Mahidol University in which they will have a positive mindset on the significance of entrepreneurship. Secondly, “External Partnership” will strengthen the relationship between university and industries/investors to expand opportunities for our innovations and startups. Finally, “International Partnership” will create a network to promote entrepreneurship engagement in universities with worldwide recognition. iNT devotes itself to be the multi-level connector and our friends are invaluable. We realize that our slogan “Power of Mahidol Innovation” is not just for Mahidol University, but with all hands together it will be for the “Global Power of Entrepreneurship”.



Staff of our institute to providing support on innovation and entrepreneurship


Faculties and students who has been participated in 55 innovation and entrepreneurship workshops organized by our institute in the past year


Researchers who are under coverage of our institute to support for innovation development in 36 faculties/colleges of Mahidol University and our alliances


Revenue income ($USD) from Mahidol University’s licensed products processed through our institute


Total budget (in millions $USD) of collaborative research with industry/partners in the past year

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